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Description: MoMMy is tired of picking up after Junior. She is very angry that Junior didn't make the bed and Junior is going to learn the hard way today. MoMMy calls Junior in and scolds him for not making his bed. She tells him that he is going over her knee. MoMMy tells Junior that he will learn once and for all to behave. MoMMy spanks Junior as he kicks and whines. She continues scolding him and tells him that he is getting it with her shoe. MoMMy pulls Juniors undies down to his knees and takes off her sandal. She smacks how bare bottom until he promises to make the bed every morning. MoMMy warns him that if he does not make his bed, he is getting another spanking and i will be twice as hard next time. MoMMy tells him to make the ned now. As he bends over to start she smacks his bottom again and tells him that he had better do a good job and she will be back to check on him. After MoMMy leaves Junior continues to make his bed as he rubs his poor bottom.
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otknyc - 102 days ago
Great vid
42otk - 313 days ago
I have been a bad boy mommy...please put me over your knee and spank me with your sandal.
limomangus - 375 days ago
I love it, you know your stuff.
spankkevin - 718 days ago
You can put me over your lap any time great spanker
sigi50 - 763 days ago
She knows how to deal with naughty boys!
markiee - 852 days ago
My kind of woman!!!! XO
Schlapenfuss - 1070 days ago
Very nice video. I love the scolding and the kicking bare feet!
colt1111 - 1207 days ago
Lovely spanking. When I was spanked growing up, it was usually the hairbrush I received but over the lap on the bed like this video was a common position.
Shaker - 1466 days ago
Having a beautiful woman take off her sandal and spank me is a fantasy of mine!
markiee - 1478 days ago
My wife uses a leather sandal on me too. She really embarrassed me a few years ago when she took me shoe shopping with her. It was the end of the day and we were the last customers for the sales woman. My wife asked her what the largest flat leather sandal was that she carried. Size 12 why? May I see them? Sure. Back she came from the back room. The woman said ma-am, you don't seem to be larger than a size 9. I am a size 9. My wife takes one out of the box, it was a big heavy sandal, and slaps it against her palm, as I cringe. I'm not going to be wearing them but I intend to wear them out. Do you have a fitting room or private room I can try them out? Sure, the back room is larger than our fitting rooms and there is a desk and chair in there as well. Great, thank you so much. Dear, follow me. Back we went, me as red as a beat. My wife turned the chair around, sat down, dropped my shorts and over her knee I went and down came that awful paddle. She left the door open and the woman was able to see everything. In no time she had me bouncing up and down across her lap promising to be good. We bought them as the sales lady laughed the whole time.
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