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Fido - 720 days ago
Rosaleen Young. the most adorable spankee on the planet! ( imho)
Sonnenlicht11 - 1170 days ago
i need this too
gusi - 1172 days ago
i did notice bruise....cute butt though....
badgirlalways - 1180 days ago
i dont blame her for cussin n jumpin up n down.. the idiot with the cane is a NITWIT.. pffftttt
danmac7 - 1193 days ago
enjoyed ittwo lovely girls, glad she got caned deserved it for the way she talked back during her apanking and she would have got another 6 off me for jumping up and swearing during the caning
hankmoody187 - 1203 days ago
She is fucking hot, I saw her first on xxpulse, and then I watched all her videos, she's just awesome!
michellejb - 1216 days ago
Don't know what you're talking about, I've seen much worse from a woman.
NaughtyKitten - 1227 days ago
Holy shit! This chick is no-noncense, huh?! I think that's probably the worst thrashing I've ever seen administered by a female! Though...She needs to be a little more careful with that cane. She was bringing it back too far, so she couldn't aim as well. You need to watch that tail bone, ya know. And the thighs, too.

(Also; Did anyone else notice that the bruise on Rosaleen's leg was there, BEFORE the punishment began? ;3)
spanksalot - 1233 days ago
I have to agree with some of the comments. This woman needs to be more careful with the cane, or someone needs to show her how to use it. She came very very close to that girl's tailbone a few times. It looks like she took a terrible beating even before the hand spanking.
Mow284 - 1234 days ago
It don't take much to use the cane properly. Tap,tap,tap then back 9ins then a flick of the wrist to deliver a firm stroke.
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