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Let this be a lesson to you young man my wife said and raised the wooden bathbrush high over my bare bottom. A second later she began spanking me good and hard. Right cheek, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek. Alterning between my cheeks in a fast pace my wife really let me feel that hardwood bathbrush on my quickly reddening bare bottom. I tried to cope with the stinging pain and take the spanking my wife was giving me as best I could, but quickly she had me squirming and bucking over her knees. This really irritated her and she scolded me sternly and told me to stay in position over her knees.
But it just stung so bad that I kept it up until she finally had enough.

My wife took her right leg out from under me, pushed me further over her left knee and locked my legs with her right leg. Now you are really going to be sorry young man my wife said sounding very angry.
And sorry I was very soon. My wife increased the force of the spanks and consentrated on my sitspots. This quickly had tears forming in my eyes and a dozen spanks later I broke and felt salty tears streaming down my face.
I begged and pleaded through my tears for my wife to stop, but she just kept spanking me good and hard.

God it stung and my shrieks of pain and suffering fell on def ears. I truely felt sorry for myself as my strict wife turned my bare bottom bright red with the wooden bathbrush. I had fought the best I could and tried to take my spanking like a man, but my wife had quickly reduced me to a sobbing little boy. And sob I did as my wife held me firmly in place over her leather clad knee, while spanking my bare bottom very hard with the bathbrush.

After 10 minutes all rescistance in me was gone and I just layed limb over my wifes leather clad knee, absorbing the hard spanks she was giving me and sobbed like a naughty little boy over mommies knees.
Finally after a dozen very hard spanks my wife stopped spanking me and put the bathbrush down. I was allowed to try and compose myself for a minute, while my wife lifted her right leg of of mine and unlocked my handrestraints. Then she stood me up, grabed my earlobe and led me back to the corner.

You stay there and think about why I had to spank you tonight young man. Keep your hands at your side at all times and no rubbing that sore bottom young man or I will put you straight back over my knees she said sternly.
You will stand here for 30 minutes and then I will give you a repeat of the spanking I just gave you my wife stated in a firm way.

I was sobbing and crying all through my cornertime and really dreaded a repeat of the spanking my wife had just given me. My bottom stung and burned bad and I desperately wanted to rub the pain away. But I did not even think of daring to do so. I stood very uneasy in the corner, shifting from one foot to the other.

After 30 minutes I heard my wife taking her seat on the spanking chair again. I was getting very nervous now and really did not want a repeat spanking. But I knew what was comming and then my wife called me over to the spanking chair again.
I walked over to my wife with tears in my eyes and stood before her.
There were no excitement showing this time, only trembling moves from my side.

Save your tears young man, you will be needing them very soon my wife said sternly. Yes Maam I said almost whispering. My wife then locked my handrestraints togther again and picked up the wooden bathbrush.
Over my knees young man.
Obediently I placed myself over her leather clad knees and felt her lock my handrestraints to the front leg of the spanking chair. Laying over both leather clad thighs of my strict wife, I was so worn out, that I did not even beg or plead.
My wife then lifted the wooden bathbrush and started spanking me again.

If the first spanking had hurt and stung, it was nothing compared to the one my wife was giving me this time. Only 30 minutes of cornertime was more than enough to make my bottom very tender and primed for the hardest spanking of my life.
The sting of that wooden bathbrush had me crying within 5 spanks and I knew I would be a sobbing mess by the time my wife would eventually stop spanking me.
Held firmly in place over my wifes leather clad knees, I recieved the hardest spanking she has ever given me. I cried hard, sobbed and bawled like a naughty little boy trying desperately to cope with the pain my wife was implementing to my allready sore and well spanked bottom.

I just had no energy to fight the spanking my wife was giving me and layed limb over her knees while she punished me.
After 15 minutes I was a blubbering mess and my wife decided, that I had been spanked enough. My bottom was crimson and blisters were beginning to form on my well spanked bottom when she finally put the bathbrush down.
I was bawling hard trying desperately to apologize for my behavior, but I could hardly speak.
My wife unlocked my handrestraints and put her right hand on my well spanked bottom. I hope you will learn from this young man she said and then told me to stand.
I did still sobbing and stood before her on shaky legs.

March yorself back to the corner and put your nose against the walls young man my wife said with a stern voice. And keep your hand at your side and no rubbing your bottom. I will be watching you and if you disobey me young man, I will bring out the long cane and punish you further. Is that understood young man? Yes Maam I stammered and walked back to the corner and obediently placed my nose agaisnt the walls.

I did 30 minutes of cornertime and was just crying softly, when my wife told me to go and clean me tear stained face. I did and saw how red, bruised and swollen my bottom was. It stung bad and I could not sit down for the rest of the night. It just hurt to much.

Today my bottom is still very sore and still red. I have to sit on a soft pillow or lay on my side in order to feel comfortable.
My wife said it was long overdue, the spankings she gave me last night and that things would be getting back to normal soon. Meaning for me, that spankings will be more frequent, if I do not start behaving myself.

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For people that are concerned about Infinity2017(Missy).Her internet phone everything is down at the moment,a storm knocked it all out.It may take some time before it is fixed,she wanted me to let everyone know.She will be back when she can.

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I grew up with a whole bunch of doms and subs in our house hold.

I love food...honestly who doesn't?

Currently in college

I currently have 2 subs. One's a male and the other is female

I'm barely 5'3

The rest of my family is taller than I am.

I'm a Dom/Mommy Dom

I'm 21

I always wanted to get into the spanking business one day.

My first name starts with D

I'm very nice and kind.


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having their bare bottoms smacked in public after keeping their hubbies waiting , just might improve their punctuality ....

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Master and Serf wanted to try other things, getting more into BDSM toys.
Master bought a wooden tit clamp, he had seen them being used on videos

He also liked the idea of hot dildos, they had used frozen ones, but never hot.
So he bought a set up where the dildo fits on a little stand, plug it in and as it gets hot it glows stronger. It's not hot enough to burn you, but hot enough to certainly feel it burning inside.
Master put it on so it was at its hottest.

Once Master had clamped Serfs tits, she was already in tears, her tits are extremely sensitive to touch. But Master told her to be quiet and chill.
CHILL, I mean, could you chill whilst your tits are clamped.
I'm sure if Serf clamped Masters balls, he would be in tears.
She hated the thing, begging to undo the clamps, but Master wouldn't.
Then he told her to ease down onto the dildo. Give her arse a treat, he said.
Serf flinched as her asshole touched the hot dildo. The little balls at the sides scraped her hot insides, as she tried to lower down. Master started to cane her ass until she lowered further down.
Still in tears, the warmth was beginning to feel nice, her juices started to flow. But her tits were so sore, she begged some more.
Master told her to stay in this position for 15 minutes, turning the dildo on so the heat continued, Serf soon felt it and started wriggling to get away, but she couldn't move, her arms were tied behind her back, tits still closed, ass red hot with a hot dildo inside her.
Serf controlled her breathing, trying to relax into the pain. But her tits were far too sore, she tried to think only of the dildo, deep breathing to calm her down.
Eventually 15 minutes was over, Master slowly released the clamp, bringing on excruciating pain to her tits, she broke down crying.
Master untied her arms, let her up off the dildo and hugged her tightly.
Good girl, my little Serf you took that very well. Come and have a shower to soothe those titties of yours. Good girl.
Master kissed the tip of her nose, and led her to the bathroom.

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For the past three and a half months, I have not had my bottom spanked. Personal things and problems have taken all the energy and time of my wifes and mine. Not the way I want things to be, but those things had to take priority.
Last night though proved to be the end of my non spanking period, as my wife decided it was time to resume the task of disciplining me.

We got in around five in the afternoon and straight away my wife stood in front of me amd looked very determind. I kind of knew what that ĺook meant and felt nervous and embarrassed. Then she spoke.
Young man it has been too long since I had you over my knees and gave you a spanking, has it not?
Yes Maam I answered and felt like a naughty little boy being caught stealing cookies.
Well then, I think right now would be a good time to resume my responsabilities she said and raised her forefinger and pointed to the corner.
Go and stand in the corner young man and think about the spanking you have comming she said sternly. Yes Maam I said and obediently placed my nose against the walls as my wofe told me to do.

I will go and change and then I will come back in here and give you a long hard punishment spanking. You have gotten away with everything for too long and I intend to change that tonight she said and went into the bedroom.
I knew what that meant and felt an erection comming at the thought of seeing my wife in her black leather pants again.

After a few minutes my wife came up behind and gave me a couple of spanks with her hand. I am going to punish you good and hard tonight young man she said. You just think about that while I put my boots on and take the spanking chair out. I felt very nervous and very excited knowing what was comming.

A few minutes later I heard the spanking chair being moved into position and then I was called out of the corner. Come over here young man my wife said sternly.
I obeyed her and slowly walked over towards her.
Sitting on the spanking chair in her tight black leather pants, high heeled ankle boots and a white tank top. In her leather clad lap was the dreaded wooden bathbrush. I felt weak in my knees and extremely excited about the thought of getting spanked over her knees. I stood in front of my strict wife feeling very embarrassed and kind of scared about having my barebottom spanked after so long time.

You have been very naughty the past months young man my wife scolded. Disobedience, direct defience, rudeness, throwing temper tantrums like a little boy. You know better than that young man and I am very disapointed in you.
My ears were burning at this point and I knew I would be spanked very hard for my naughty behavior.
I am sorry Maam I said looking down in shame.
You WILL be young man I promise you that my wife scolded. Look at me young man she said and when I did her look cut through me like a warm knife through butter.

I am going to give you a long hard punishment spanking and then you will go and stand in the corner. When your cornertime is over I am going to repeat the spanking and then you will go back to the corner again.
Maybe that will teach you how to behave like a grown man instead of a spoiled naughty boy my wife said sternly.
I truely felt like a naughty little boy and was really dreading the thought of a double punishment spanking over my wifes knees.

Now put your hands on your head young man my wife said and obediently I did as I was told, while blushing deep red with shame. I knew what was comming and next I felt my wife unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down to my ankles.
I was so embarrassed when my wife took my underpants down to my ankles, revealing my rock hard erection. My wife ran her right hand up and down my erection causing me to moan and drip pre cum on the floor. I was beet red in the face from shame and could hardly look at my wife.
Do not worry young man, I will spank that erection of yours away very quickly my wife stated sternly.

Then my wife reached for my handrestraints and quickly locked them to my wrists in front of me and had me all prepared for a long hard spanking over her knees.
Come over to my right side she said and took the wooden bathbrush in her right hand.
I did as I was told and watched as my wife ajusted her position on the spanking chair, making her tight leather pants squeek.

Over my knees young man my wife said in a stern voice.
Obediently I did as she told me and placed myself over her leather clad knees feeling my hard erection pressing against her left thigh. My wife ajusted my position over her knees making my erection rub against the soft leather of her thighs. Absolut heaven at this point for me. My wife reached down and locked my handrestraints to the front leg of the spanking chair and was ready to punish me.

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Need to be spanked

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My disciplinarian added on 2 more days to my punishment, so this is the last night I get a bedtime spanking. I know it's gonna be severe already, I'm going to try and get videos up with somebody soon

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Had a very enjoyable weekend with MasterSpankher. Was able to try many new things. Wow! My first included trying: switch (cut by yours truly-very green and super skinny), a belt that I bought at a local thrift shop for 49¢, ruler, another belt brought by MasterSpankher, a suit brush(a long hairbrush) a bath brush, a huge ass paddle, flogger (soft and velvety), 2 different pig slappers (sorry if I used the wrong name for these).
Of course we used a riding crop and my absolute favorite, his hand.
I really enjoyed the spanking/cuddle/spanking/cuddle/spanking/complete release(was just really in the mood-but I typically do not do this with a spanking). I was really able to be myself and let loose, which is usually very difficult and sometimes just impossible to do.

Thank you very much Master spankher!!! Feel free to call next time you will be in the area again!!!

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one fully restored 1965 Shelby Cobra in candy apple red with white racing stripes (if I had a spare 100k lying around, I'd give you the real thing. the pic will have to do for now) thanks for the comment on my blog

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Anyone on here in my area looking for a good spanking?

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Hey Spanky, I see you referencing this "Shelby" Cobra a lot, what gives?

thanks for asking. if you are even a semi car buff enthusiast, you already know the answer...

Carroll Shelby was a race car driver turned car designer. He designed cars for Dodge and most notably, Ford. A production line Shelby was sure to be a hot offering, with performance upgrades galore for the enthusiast. The Shelby Mustang was an instant hit for Ford (see previous blog).

During his racing career Shelby drove modified Cad Allards with great success. Seeking a light framed roadster that would accept a bit of American muscle, he wrote to British car manufacturer AC Cars who was building a limited production hand made tube steel framed roadster that used a Bristol BMW designed straight 6. Shelby asked if they would make modifications to the frame that would allow for an American small block 8. they agreed.

He then wrote to Chevrolet and asked if they would provide him with a small block 8 that would fit his roadster. they declined. The next stop was Ford who had just produced a small block 8 - the Windsor 221 (3,6l) thin wall cast small block V8. Ford provided Shelby with two engines. The rest is history

pictured: the AC "Shelby" Cobra Roadster - quite possibly THE most iconic car in automotive history. If you don't agree with that statement, you would at least have to concede that it is in the conversation.

rather than bore even more, I would direct you to Wikipedia for more info on Shelby the racer and Shelby the designer

note to GM executives - when Carroll Shelby comes knocking on your door, don't turn him away

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Things are going slow ... But IAM ok ... Can't be. A bad girl cause IAM in to much pain ... But I bet I can cuss up a storm. If I try.....

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more on model builds: paint technique, creating depth with shadow lines

as if I didn't need to start yet another build project, I did.

since I am already doing the 68 Charger build, I wanted to do a 68 Shelby fastback as the companion piece - the Steve McQueen "Bullitt" Mustang (the one that chases the black Charger) from the movie of the same name. after painting the Shelby the requisite Bullitt green, I was unhappy with the overall look of the finish - too clean, too bright.

when doing model builds, one would have to be aware of the desired finished product: is it a full on restoration? is it a brand spanking new vehicle that just rolled off the factory assembly line? is it a junkyard find? a barn find? is it just the average car that you see on the street? I figured the Shelby would fall into the latter category - the average car on the street, a bit down and dirty just like the character McQueen portrayed...

Mc Queen's character was that of rogue police detective Lt. Frank Bullitt. a man not likely to recognize much (if any) in the way of boundaries or rules in his pursuit of the bad guy. the car he would likely drive? pure muscle, not pretty, just bad ass muscle.

hence the Shelby.*

after painting the model green, I went back and layered a black coat over the green, once dried, back to the green. what I discovered, what I had hoped for, worked. the layering technique created "shadow lines." In all the nooks and crannies (the door jambs, the hood louvres, etc.) there is a ghosting of black - shadow lines. by lightly misting the green topcoat the black bleeds through the green, ever so slightly, giving the car the appearance of being dirty, grimy, unwashed.

the Shelby now has the depth, and the down and dirty look I wanted to achieve with the addition of, shadow lines

left: 68 Charger / center: 68 Shelby Cobra / right: 52 Chevy "barn find" - included to show a barn find paint finish. it is smaller as it is a different scale than the other two

note: I was aware of paint layering techniques prior - mostly as it relates to my train modeling - adding rust and dirt to scenery, rail cars, etc. this was the first "light bulb" and "why not?" moment that convinced me to transfer the already learned technique to my car model builds.

*as noted in a previous blog, about the movie: filmed on location in San Francisco, the production crew kept several Shelby's and Charger's on hand for the filming. McQueen is notorious for doing all his own stunt driving. they modified the suspensions on the Mustangs and Chargers, put McQueen behind the wheel of the Mustang. rolled the cameras and said "go" what you got was around twenty minutes of film time devoted to one of the most epic car chase scenes ever filmed. so epic, it created it's own genre, taking the chase to a level never seen before.

I'm pretty sure that McQueen was having a blast as they turned him loose on the streets of San Francisco without any speed limitations - the only limitation imposed was his skill level as a driver, and the ability to keep the Mustang upright on four wheels and (somewhat) under control

Netflix the movie

McQueen's Shelby "catches air" while filming on the streets of San Francisco

if you're one of those guys prone to exacting detail, you would take note of the license plate number and include it on your build (I just might)

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This post is not about spanking but definitely about control...

The 3 of us (my sister, my hubby and me) went for a drive yesterday afternoon and ended up in a cute little town in Pennsylvania, just across the river form NJ.

We walked around for a while, checking out the different shops when we came across a cafe and decided to go in to get something to drink. Working the counter was a hot black guy, who seemed to be checking out my hubby.

Standing at the counter just behind my hubby, I snuggled up to him and kissed him on the lips and said (in something probably just above conversation voice) "mmmm honey, I can still taste his load on your lips, very nice." Steph chimed in, is it salty sis? Yes, it is. Can I try, I love salty. Sure, and she gave my hubby the softest kiss on his lips, it lingered too, she's such a tease to blu. Yep, your're right you can still taste it.

Blu was incredibly embarrassed, he was looking at me with his pleading eyes, begging me to stop. There was only a couple of people in the cafe, sitting around the perimeter in small tables, but I didnt care about them, I was playing to the counter attendant, the hot black guy. Also, mind you, absolutely none of what we said was true.

Blu paid the man, and when he gave blu some change back, he winked at blu, said you have a nice day and I do hope you come back here again, I work every Saturday until 6pm - I knew it, he was checking blu out. So much fun to tease my hubby. You KNOW we are coming back here another weekend.

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Well got hit by car yesterday and drug about 15 feet. Iam alive . No big fucken deal. Laying down now. Just figured I would tell some one. . talk later Cassandra

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hello, everyone I am Noor. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my passion for spanking. Spanking has been so intriguing to me from a very young age even though I have never experienced it or even watched it happen, however, I used to have those dreams where I would be spanked and it would really make me feel excited and even aroused. At the beginning I didn't understand it and just went with the flow until I found myself getting attracted to dominant women in movies or even in real life like some of my female teachers, and it kept on evolving till I had those fantasies of being spanked at school or even kidnapped by dominant women to be spanked. It was so pleasant to me to have those fantasies and I kept on imagining them. After a few years I decided to explore myself and try to completely understand everything about me so I did some researches and found out I was a spankee, that it was actually a thing, and that I am not alone. I had some struggles with this for sometime because I was afraid of it being a wrong thing and my society wasn't really helping till I found this site and started chatting with the great people in here and they helped me to accept myself and realize that it was nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it should be embraced. Those people of course include my Domme (infinity2017) who helped me a lot and still is helping me to accept myself and become a good man in life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my experiences and I am really glad that I can share it with you all. Have a great week :)

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Just do it!! You know you want to!

Bad Tushy