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At long last, I've decided to begin officially taking sessions!

Full FAQ, rules, info: https://cherry-cheeks.com/sessions

Written Sessions:
I do written directed spankings for $15 a piece guaranteed to have scolding, humiliation, ordering you to undress or wear the clothing you say you have, and how many swats to give each cheek. I will then end with a timeout.

Video Chat Sessions:
Skype directed spankings and scoldings are $75 for half an hour. $100 For Missy AND Miss Sephie! Doing everything we do for written, just verbal! We will scold, and give a directed spanking!

Custom Scolding Video:

In person session Prices
$125 for 30-45mins
$175 for Missy AND Miss Sephie to spank you!

Do you crave a no nonsense, full force, bare bottomed spanking like you would have gotten as a child? You've come to the right woman!

If I have quoted you differently in the past, you might be considered for a discount! After being told that I was charging pennies, I've shaped up my prices to properly reflect the services that I offer.

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Master is fed up with my virus, along with his own virus, he's actually going to the doctors today because he just can't do anything with this pain in his middle.
He's not sleeping, eating is a struggle, and feels exhausted. This can’t go on.
He has a different virus to mine.

But he set his army of toys to battle today, fighting those pesky germs.
And they had fierce armoury, paddles, canes, bull whip, crop and hands.
Masters most treasured toys.
They paddled, they caned, whipped and spanked those germs.

But the germs are strong, they are led by their Sir, a strong, wilful giant of a germ.
They fight back with mini germs attacking them
But none of the toys give up.
They know Master will be angry if they don't win this battle.
It's been 3 weeks nearly, and Master is getting fed up and mad, mad with his own virus and mad with his slave being on sick leave.
The doctors aren't helping, just saying it takes time to go.
But Master wants life to return to normal, and so does his slave.

It's been weeks since she had her morning spanking, her bottom remains untouched and unmarked, and Master likes a beautiful bruised bottom to look at.
It's been weeks since she did her heavy chores, just trying to complete the ones she can do, the chore charts go unfilled for the time being.

It's been weeks since Master felt her mouth go down on his cock.
He's even managed to stretch to the bigger size of his PA,
But slave had no energy to play, plus she doesn't want to accidently bite his cock if she starts coughing like mad.
Yes she wants to play with his new bar, feel it's size in her mouth, could she cope with its size, but now at least Master can put his Christmas rings in, the ones his slave bought for him.
The most slave has managed to do was play then give him a hand job. Even that left them both shattered.

So Master's toys better win this battle, spank those germs away.
The sooner the better, whip those germs out of his slave,
His Sergeants stay behind to bash Masters germs too.
Throwing eruptions at them and blowing them up.
Different tactics to use for fighting his germs.
But Master knows he will win, one way or the other, his army will fight until they've won. Then life can return to normal.

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an ode to soap!
oh soap.... how I hate thee.....
you ruin of the buzz!!!
ruin of my point of view....
stupid soap

your horrid taste

your linger

you bastard...,. I hate you soap...

Bars and Stripes
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an ode to soap!
oh soap.... how I hate thee.....
you ruin of the buzz!!!
ruin of my point of view....
stupid soap

your horrid taste

your linger

you bastard...,. I hate you soap...

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How many words can you think of that start with the letter L.. Used in spanking ....and Go comment below

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Se só de ver uma mulher usando chinelos você já sente uma vontade enorme de entrar na chinelada veja meus novos álbuns do LookBook:
Além de um álbum com dezenas de fotos de lindas mulheres usando chinelos você também verá um outro álbum com dezenas mulheres usando cintas bem largas.
Afinal, só de ver uma mulher usando cinta já dá uma vontade enorme de entrar na cintada não é mesmo?

Kissuha Nabbundha

Bars and Stripes
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When looking for lifestyle parents if they were to have health issues would that be a issue? Also when looking for these said parents what qualities do you think they should have??

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tired physically, mentally, emotionally................ all my thoughts lately r dark.... cant even force that plastered on smile anymore... ya know its bad when ya not only think about doin urself in.......but u spend a great deal of time planning it from beginning to end.....so much for a better 2018.......

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Day dreaming looking out of the window, waiting for her man to come home. Wonder what they would do?

Bars and Stripes
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Where oh where are the texas spankos

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Are any of my friends out there in the Seattle/Tacoma area? I will be in town for the next two weeks!!

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When I see myself I see a really ugly over weight woman ya I put on a good Front be someone IAM not it's easier that way. People see the fake me only a few know the real me and u know who u are. U should feel special because I let u in my Life. And let u see the real me. Sir is one of them people he knows all I deal with and still sticks around... Ty SIR . Still waiting on my punshment from months ago... Will see if I ever get it .... Smiling I think he is scared.. giggles .. IAM kidding relax..

Bars and Stripes
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Still on sick leave.

I'm getting fed up with this virus now, it's taken another hit today, cough even worse and my body muscles are aching with it all.
Poor Master is worse too but he's had to go back to work, some weeks holiday he's had. He has 4 weeks to get better before his next week off, then hopefully the decorating will be started. Unless we decide one weekend to do it.
I've had to ask my dad to do some food shopping for me but told him he's not to come in, incase he picks it up again and my in-laws are going to get the prescription, cough sweets and stomach meds for Master. They've just delivered a dish of Scouse for me, they know I love it, so when they make it at home they make extra for me.
( Scouse is potato, carrots, onions and lamb or beef. Bit like a basic stew but tastes different. Really yum with pickled red cabbage but I can't eat that
anymore. )
I hate asking for help but I have to get rid of this bloody thing, it's really draining. And with us both not well, neither of us has the energy to play or for a fun spanking.
Yesterday I felt a bit brighter for an hour or two, and started to be cheeky and doing mild naughty stuff, flicking water, bumping into him on purpose, flicking a tea towel on his butt, even smacking his butt when I went past. It was quite fun but I never got what I wanted, that spanking I desire. Master did pay me back by flicking lot's more water at me and bumping into me. I only stopped when he started to slap my face. Little slaps across my cheeks getting harder until I stopped my bratty behaviour.
I know I'm Master’s slave, and act accordingly but I can't help enjoying a bit of brattiness when I can get away with it.
In the meantime, I’m doing the laundry and starting a new sketch.

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Well I officially found someone to help me !!!

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Any tops (preferably men but open to women) in Manchester UK up for a chat?

Bars and Stripes
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want hard spanking& anal punishment in melbourne hehe
self spanking is not effective at all!

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I apologize for the delay in stories, I did write one but the lecture in it is really long and it's on a sensitive subject that may offend/ piss off some people. I'm currently writing sentences for my brother and struggling with my real life responsibilities. Yankee I will write your story as soon as I can. Thanks for the patience! Y'all are epic!

Bars and Stripes
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I feel like I’ve never found a good mommy/daughter paddling video that feels really maternal, authentic, and like a real punishment. None of that over-acted crap, or videos where the paddling is a light spanking. I’m talking about as close to realistic as you can get when you imagine a mom paddling her daughter. Bare butt, large paddle (with holes) preferred, but not necessary. Anyone have any recommendations?

Fucked and Bound