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woke up in bad mood ... no clue why .. just sick of real life shit ... so much stress and so much bullshit sorry .. in a few day it will be my daughter Nevaehs birthday / day she died , on april1 1 1999 .. one day i will never ever forget . her little heart stopped beating while i was 15 1//2 weeks pregnant . i have so much guilt and anger from that .. its not her fault she died .. she was meant to be a angel in heaven .. she will always be my little girl .. i have always wondered did i di something wrong to have that happen to her .. the guilt is believable she wasn't the first baby i lost all together i have lost 10 baby's . but she was the last one i lost .. so i guess thats why its so hard on me . i dont know .. so waking up today i see what iam dealing with everyday 7 days a week.. same shit different dsy and then i have the first coming up and i just want to hide and not have to deal with it.. but i have to cause its not good to keep shit inside so lets talk to someone about it .. ok WHO ....??? ya ok every adult in my house is self centered and only care about them selfish .. nuff said.. and iam not talking to my 13 year old or 11 year old about it . they dont need that in there hearts .. so i carry this shit alone ... like i have for 18 years everyday .... when u loss a child its with you forever never goes away never subsides.. the pain is quite real ..... there is no grave to go to not nothing. they wouldnt allow me to take her out of hospital due to testing why she died .. so she not only didnt get to feel my love .. i never held her .. crushes my heart to no end.. nothing i can do .. god iam in not good shape today .. and its not even the 1st... DAM going to try to keepo my self busy and not think .. no thinking about it cassy your strong woman... ok ty for allowing me to VENT ........ sorry for the bad words please forgive


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I asked Master to come up with a subject for an essay, we all know he enjoys choosing the most ridiculous lines and topics.
I wanted a topic to put in my novel.
Then this morning, I messaged him to say I forgot to do my contemplation time yesterday, as I was busy getting my heavy chores done, so he informed me that it was time I did an essay, as punishment, 2 pages.

"Cheese, where does it come from and why is some better with mold."

What the fuck am I supposed to write ?
And now, me being me, started arguing, and procrastinating, so I've now got 3 pages to write.
On such a stupid subject. I'm so pissed off, sulking, stropping, and mad.
I wanted a nice day, catching up on my games and writing my novel, as it's a Tuesday there are no big chores to do, and I've done my usual every day ones. So I had the day to myself.
I know I've got that look on my face he hates, I know I'm gonna end up stropping and being a brat when he comes home, so get into more trouble, all because of this stupid bloody topic.

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Over the course of our marriage I came to realize that a punishment spanking ‘for my own good’ which were more severe in nearly every respect than other spankings were less effective in correcting behavior than one given ‘to teach me a lesson’. I puzzled over this and tried to identify which of the differences between the two that might explain it. Generally the were 3 types: For my own good, because he was angry at (or at least extremely irritated) over something I did or didn’t do, and finally a playful foreplay. The last type usually came about as he tested some new implement or position on a piece of furniture and not tied to any behavior so I just considered the first 2 types. Spanked for my own good always started out with spank and scold; they were harder, had more swats and used implements that stung more. They usually took about 30 minutes to administer I would feel that nervous dread when I knew one was coming. Denny took his responsibility to punish me for my own good quite seriously. On the other hand, when I just pissed him off he didn’t bother with a spank and scold..no need to dig out the details to decide on an appropriate punishment because he already knew exactly what had provoked him! To Den’s mind he spanked me for my own good because I deserved it and he had to. He spanked to teach me a lesson because I deserved it and he wanted to!
While I knew he didn’t actually enjoy inflicting the pain in the first kind I now also realize he really didn’t like it when he had to.
He enjoyed teaching me a lesson! He liked seeing my behind turn red. He liked it when I squirmed and squealed because that meant he was teaching me good! He liked spanking me cuz it helped him scratch his mad spot and get glad again. He felt more responsibility to administer a longer, effective and appropriate punishment when it was for my own good. He could teach me a lesson I wouldn’t forget in less than 15 minutes.
Anyway, it’s not that it matters really I was just thinking about it.

The Training of O
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A few Days ago I did cane myself for the first Time in the so called "Diaper Position"!
It was a completely new Experience in my Self Caning History....oh....it was......woohoo...each Stroke was sooooo......painful that I had to stop sometimes for a moment to manage the Pain.
I just think,if I get caned from somebody in that Position...it would be out of my Control.....would I be strong enough to take it?
Well,let's keep this Question open for a while.....
By the Way,I was able to produce a Video&Album about my new Experience.Please feel free to have a look at it!

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Order! Order! Please everyone take their seats!"
"Evan, do you wish to resume the paddling"
"I think Miss King has had enough, Sir. She has withstood all of your tests... The prodding and poking... Surely, you can all see, what a lovely girl she is. I love her, deeply, but I think right now, she needs her Daddy."
Oh, yes, thought Janie.... Please, just let me see my Daddy!!
David was flushed with outrage. He hated how they looked at his daughter, like some harlot! How dare they!! The poor little thing didn't even know what had happened!! He had already started to move towards Janie, as Evan spoke.
David, looking very much like his nickname, The Dragon King, got in front of the council. The fury was written all over his face. "I'm taking my daughter to my suite. There is no cause, for anyone, to question this match. I tell you all, right now, I'll reject any other suitor. How dare you question my choice, and think you could suggest your sons, at the eleventh hour! I won't have it, I tell you. If you don't like it, you can all go to the devil!"

David went to his little girl, and pulled up her panties, gently. He straighten her dress, and called to the attendant. "Lower this bench.... NOW!" He could hear Janie crying, as her section of the bench, brought her bottom down and her head up.
"Janie, it's Daddy, honey. Come on. He helped her off the bench. She was shaking.
"Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry, I tried my very best!"
"You were perfect, my Darling. Daddy's so proud of you." David opened his arms, and Janie fell into them. She buried her head in his shoulder. All she wanted to do is go home, but she didn't want to ruin the her chances of having a match, with Evan.
The Lead Council, having never seen David so livid, said, "All in favor of the match, say ,"aye"."
The Council members knew better, than to challenge David, on a matter so close to his heart. He was not a man to be toyed with! The vote was unanimous.
"The match is confirmed... Evan Matthew Sellers to Janie Elizabeth King."
The elders offered their congratulations, but David, was busy trying to calm Janie.
"Sweetheart, it's all over. Evan and you are going to be very happy together. Come on with Daddy. You're going to have a little rest."
Janie, didn't feel very well. Her face was very pale, and she seemed to stagger, as she tried to walk. David had seen enough. He scooped her up, and carried her off, Evan trailing behind him.
David said, "Get Dr. Nathan. I want him to take a look at her. She seems unwell."
"Right away, Sir." Evan said.
David was very impressed, that Evan had the balls to tell the council off, while still being respectful. David was still very irritated, that Max, Evan's Father, had insisted on that exam. He knew very well, Janie was not allowed to mix with boys. He was more concerned with what other people would think, than he was with Janie's purity.
David got her to his suite, and laid her down on the oversized bed. He got a cool cloth and washed her face. He gave her a cool glass of juice, with a straw and a cookie. She gulped down the juice, thirstily and asked for more. The color was coming back to her face, and David felt relieved.
Dr. Nathan looked her over, and thought she might be a little dehydrated. Otherwise, Janie was fine, just overwhelmed. He asked David, if he wanted him to look at Janie's bottom.
David said testily, "You've seen enough. Get on, with you, before I say something I might regret."
Dr. Nathan packed up his bag and scurried to the door.
His brother James arrived, just as he was leaving. "How's our girl?"
"Oh, alright, I guess, but James, it's too much! It's all different, when it's one of your kids up there. This has got to change! I'm okay with the spanking and all, but the exams... that needs to done away with, or at least done in private. That old leachorous bunch! Like our Dad and his cronies, but it's time some changes were made."
"Alright, David, but no one really did anything wrong, except ask the status of the match... That was out of line. You had your back up, from the start, because it was Janie up there."
"You know it's true. We sat on dozens of these panels. Do you think they felt any different, those Dad's? Your can't change the rules just to spare your own children. They members would be furious, and tightly so! Do you think I rushed Dylan being beaten and plugged?! I assure you,, I did not!! Now, get her bottom fixed up. It's Dylan's induction today, and Janie's been matched. We should be celebrating. "
"David listened and decided, James was mostly right. "You go on back, I'll take care of Janie, myself."
Janie heard her Daddy and Uncle talking, loudly. He sounded very cross. She hoped it wasn't something she had done. Her bottom was still on broil!! It was burning and it hurt fiercely. She'd be surprised if it wasn't covered in blisters! Mr. Sellers had strapped her from every direction. The leather managed to find its way between her legs and even in the crease of her bum. She felt the raised roads of it's travels.

Janie was laying on her tummy, now,listening to her Father and Uncle speaking more quietly. Her Uncle left and her Daddy came in, to her. It felt so good, to just have her Daddy all to herself, just the two of them. She hadn't seen her mother, in almost two years. She'd never been the kind of Mom, she had wanted. Daddy made up for it all, but he'd been away so much, lately. Even though, she loved her Uncle, Aunt and cousins, her Daddy was HER family, and she wanted to go home.
"Let's get that bottom of yours looked after, shall we?"
"Yes, Daddy."
He slipped her pretty panties down to her knees. He got a pillow, and boosted her hips up. She was glad, for once, it wasn't in preparation of getting his belt.
He used a first aid kit, to tidy up a few broken blisters, and some medicinal cream was applied to her welted cheeks and legs. He could see where the belt had hit the tender skin between her legs. Again he felt his anger raise towards Evan's Dad. He and James had given him the capital, to keep his business open, when he made a serious error in the market. He nearly lost everything. They'd also given Evan a huge opportunity, with a paid internship, working with their companies. In return, he used his iota of power to violate his beautiful daughter.
Evan was not close to his Dad, and it was no wonder. He was cruel to his children, and the second Evan was grown, he'd placed the responsibility for his siblings, on his shoulders. David thought that was so wrong. It put him at odds, with his brothers, when they should have been bonding. Max was a selfish bastard. He'd find a way to make sure he felt his wrath. He was lucky, David thought more of his family, or he'd ruin him. They still needed his financial support, so that was not an option. David was nothing, if not patient. He knew Max thought his status star rising, having his son marry a King David had no intention of letting him hang on to his coat tails . He was in for a rude awakening. Evan was another story. He was a fine young man with a good work ethic and he was well grounded. He was also sincerely in love with his princess.
He kissed his daughter on the forehead, and told her to rest. "I'll be back, Janie. After Dylan's induction. They'll be announcing your match! It's going to be a wonderful afternoon."
David was glad to have Janie back at home. He'd even help with the training. It would be hard to break her of her desire to do what she wanted, no matter the consequences. She was alot like him. It served him well, but it was not a desirable trait, in a wife. He suspected the would be a very hot bottom in her pretty panties, for the foreseeable future.

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Good morning to you all and many thanks to those who have commented on my little story and who have read it. I will add more very soon and poor Sue will be sore after the slippering in part two, still putting it together and will make it more saucier.

The Training of O
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all the blues
of desert skies
are held inside
of turquoise eyes

like prisoners of
an hour glass
to watch the days
and years to pass

the desert sands
like stories told
are kept alive
among the old

a flower blooms
a flower dies
indifferent to
a turquoise sky

the time once held
forever passed
collected now
in looking glass

her years ahead
that still remain
she dreams at night
of desert rain

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From the many videos on here, is it just me or does anyone else think that left handed lady spankers seem to do it harder?

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The Training of O
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in a black satin skirt
she can turn a head
in tight leather pants
she drops the cats dead
she likes to sleep all day
she likes to play at night
I'm her real gone daddy
and she is out of sight

the queen of diamonds
and the jack of hearts
I'm savin' all my lovin'
for all her pink parts
I'm just likin' the view
as she's walkin' away
that's when I can hear
all them cats say

he's a lucky guy
he's a ladies man
I wish I were him
he's all I can stand
give him some skin
he gives you back five
he's always talkin'
that rockabilly jive

when we go to a club
we get center stage
with garters and stockings
she's my Bettie Page
all them cats move
to get out of our way
they all start talkin'
and I hear em' all say

a rockabilly queen
and I tell you it hurts
just the way she moves
when she's working a skirt
a run in her stockings
with stiletto heels
when she's ridin' with me
she's digging my wheels

in a Mercury
or a Cadillac
I put Ray Bans on
that's where that's at
my baby don't care
she just likes to ride
she's always talkin'
that rockabilly jive

like the ace of spades
and the king of cool
you listen right up
I'll take you to school
turn your collar up
like you know James Dean
start hanging around
with a rockabilly queen

forget about Presley
and your Brenda Lee
I'll tell you right now
this is all that you need
grease your hair back
and then man alive
just keep talkin'
that rockabilly jive

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This story is loosely based on true events. This is my first fiction story so please feel free to comment and rip to bits lol.
I had been going through some terrible times. At work i was losing my temper quickly which is not like me at all. My boss sat me down and said he was going to sort out some sessions with a Psychologist to see why i was like this. I had to do something otherwise someone was going to get punched.So i agreed and the following week i was knocking on the door of a lady called Susan.
She is a person who would put you at ease straight away with a softly spoken voice and a lovely smile. I was expecting to see a couch but there was two armchairs and a small table. The room was painted in a soft yellow colour and smelt of lavender.
After about five sessions i was opening up to her, i was also starting to see how attractive she was, with shoulder length light brown hair, her hazel eyes which always looked sleepy. Her long legs and small but firm breasts were always a delight to look at.I would have guessed her age of about forty three but i cannot guess ages to save my life.
My very last session i found i could push my luck with her and when she told me about all the housework that she was putting off i couldnt resist it.
"Well hurry up and do it or i will put you over my knee" I said with a grin
"Thats what my ex partner used to do to me he would spank..." she looked at her feet and was blushing as she stopped mid flow of her sentence.
"He would what?"
"I think i have told you too much"
"Come on Sue dont leave me hanging" I was itching to know about how she used to get a smacked bottom, and after much persuasion she finally opened up. It turned out he used to find any excuse possible to turn her over his lap and spank her.
"Did you like it?" I asked, getting very aroused
"To be honest yes,i would get aroused by having my bottom smacked.You have been very keen to know this, do you like to spank?"
I told her all about the ladies who i had over my knee, i noticed she hung on every word and seem to be wriggling in the chair slightly.Its now or never i thought.
"Have you any other clients today?" i quizzed
"No you are the last one,i think i know what you are going to ask next" she said with a smile.
"Well if you like i can spank you, a trip down memory lane"
"I erm well erm" she was blushing again but finally said "Why not, should i change my clothes?"
I asked her to stand, she was wearing a red knee length dress with straps that had a habit of sliding down her shoulders. She gave me a twirl and it was the first time i had really noticed her bottom. A nice rounded shape which seem to cry out for a crafty slap.
"Ok Sue, for not getting on with your house work you are to be spanked" i said with eye contact. She was biting her lip but simply nodded.
"Now come over to my right side, thats it good girl and get over" Her juicy backside was across my lap, her hands on the floor and her legs bent slightly at the knees. With my left hand on her back, my right hand tapping her up turned rear gently. Without any more messing about i brought it down with a fairly hard smack. She let out a little gasp but didnt flinch. Another smack on the centre this time, then followed by more as i alternated cheeks. Still no protest but a bit of wriggling. I continued to spank wanting to here her be vocal but to no avail.
"Well i think its about time your dress was raised" I said as i grabbed the hemline and started to pull it up. She helped by raising her hips, with her dress up to her waist it revealed a pair of red knickers and red cheeks either side.
"Lets make your backside the same colour as your knickers" i laughed
"Cruel beast" she said from her head inches away from the cream coloured carpet. My hand once again started its reign of terror and this time she was letting out some owws and ouch noises, music to my ears, those long legs started to kick out in protest, her bottom was now glowing and hot to the touch.Its time for the last line in defence to be removed.
My fingers slid onto the waistband and i started to tug them down. Her hand flew back but was soon slapped.
"Your knickers are coming down, do that again and i will smack your thighs" i scolded.
"Yes Sir" she said meekly, wait did she just call me Sir? Without being told to she just did it, very submissive i thought. I pulled down her red knickers all the way to her ankles. Resting my hand on those hot orbs i gave them a gentle rub. Her response was one of gentle little cooing noises, do i dare explore anywhere else? Maybe another time, i wont push my luck and blow this. My hand raised, her bottom clenching i smacked hard and with speed, not showing mercy. Her legs pumping up and down and opening up to reveal her hidden delights, she was yelping and her fists clenching thin air. I started to slow down and finally stop.
"Up" i commanded her.
She gently slid off my lap and reached down to put her knickers back on.
"No they are staying down" i said calmly. She just looked at me but complied.
"You spanked harder than my ex" she finally said through heavy breathing "My god its sore but tingly" With a smile on her face her hands rubbed gently at the soreness.
"Well Sue i have things to do, but as an added thought come here" i replied.
Looking puzzled i took her by the arm and guided to the window.I raised the blind and the room filled with sunshine. Walking behind her i lifted the dress high and had her hold it in place. Spinning her around so her bottom was facing the street i made her stand like that. She started to protest but without much conviction in her voice.
I let my self out and onto the road where my car was parked. Her bottom on display for anyone who might casually look that way.Later that night i had a phone call
"Hi its me" she began
"Hello Sue, hows your bottom?"
"Still sore, i stayed like that for a while but when you left i quickly hid"
"Anyone see?"
"I think Mr Higson over the road did but im not to sure, listen i was thinking, erm erm would you do it again sometime, it was very arousing"
"Im sure i can oblige, if you are lucky i will even bring my slipper"
"Well just for that im bringing it for real now Miss"
"Im free in a couple of days time, about 4.30 sir?"
Sir, she said it again. Well its time her sweet cheeks met the whacky slipper.....To be continued if people like.

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i self punished myself for not eating this weekend .. i did 80 swats with bamboo switch . there are pics.. looks down . i know have welts. lord it hurts.. yes i will be eating today ....

The Training of O
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well it was along night... think i wil self spank today get out some stress and pain.... thats in my heart ... may take pics not sure yet .. will be going to the gym later if my truck makes it... i hate my truck damm ... hoping to hear from SIR today ... would be nice.... listening to music chilling.. didnt eat last night or yesterday .. wasnt in the mood.. oh well.. maybe today not sure yet.

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(note: the typo in the meme isn't mine, but it was "too" funny not to post)

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A hellcat with conviction.
One with attitude galore.
Yes she's quite the addiction.
Pouting teardrops to the floor.

Eyes to shame a puppy dog.
Sharp dagger behind her back.
A saint at the synagogue.
Wanton begging for a smack.

Pushing buttons for the thrill.
Her intent to get a rise.
Face shines like a daffodil.
Skin reddening as she cries.

Body like an hourglass.
So lewdly bent at the waist.
A snake lying in the grass.
A naughty vixen disgraced.

Blocking hands, her defenses.
Waterworks begin to pour.
Burning red bottom tenses.
Imploring look begs for more.

The Training of O
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did a 3 hour work out and now my ass hurts my legs hurt .. my back hurts ... and i have a headache he ... anyone have a gun god!!! weighed my self lost 6 more pounds.. come on 180 lbs.. yes .. cant wait.... lord .... going to lay down with my body pillow and cuddle ... yup sleeping alone sucks but least i dont have to share my blankets !!!!!lol night yall may play with my toys might help my headache... yup sound good to me ... smilign BIG

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Finally! Daddy spanked my little cousin’s bottom today! Cindy has been staying with us since school started as her parents are in Argentina. Mommy and Daddy have totally let her get away with stuff my brother and I would have been paddled for! They would say stuff like “she’s having trouble adjusting” or “she misses her parents..be nice to her” Truth is, she’s turned into a BRAT! Well today Daddy lost patience and Cindy was sent to her room for a spanking! I was in my room which is right next to hers and overheard the whole thing. Normally I would feel sorry for her as Daddy spanks hard but for bratty Cindy nothing doing. I’m not sure what she did but it must have been really bad because Daddy spanked her bare bottom. Daddy scolded her while he spanked but I couldn’t hear over the noise she was making.
She cried and cried and I wanted to laugh as I heard all 12 swats smack her butt. I didn’t tho’ and I won’t tease her about it as if my parents found out I’d be spanked too. I sure wish I knew what she had done...I’d try to get her to do it again!! I’m not being mean...the tattle tale brat got me spanked just last month.

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A terrible, screaming, tempest,
She's chaos, at the core,
She'll try your patience, badly,
Like no one has before,
That tongue's in need of lashing,
I'm sure, she pouts too much,
She needs a bit of thrashing,
A strong and sterner touch.
A hand, to grab her shoulder,
And pull her, on your lap!
You rip away, her panties,
On her bottom, goes the strap.
Everytime, you Whack her,
Fighting from first to the last,
Time to teach her the lesson,
Written with leather, on ass.

The Training of O
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The following is an excerpt from my new novel, A Match Made In Heaven:

Kip took hold of Lily by her earlobe – a humbling position if ever there was one – and drew her gently out of the closet in that manner. His eyes fell on something in the closet behind her and Lily struggled to turn her head to see what it was without getting her ear twisted off in the process.

Behind her, in the closet she’d run into to hide, was the boot box and small wood chest of spanking implements from her marriage with Quent.

“You must really want a good spanking,” Kip remarked as he walked backwards, still drawing her along with him by his grip on her ear. “You ran right to the very spot where all your implements are kept.”

Lily sighed. She watched as Kip sat on the edge of the mattress. Without any preamble, he shoved her elastic waisted pants down her hips and legs till they gathered together in a pitiful pile around her ankles.

“Step out of them,” he instructed her.

With another heavy sigh, Lily did as he told her, kicking the pants aside.

Kip looked at her a moment, seeming to be making a decision. Finally, he indicated the plain white cotton panties that she still wore, snapping the elastic waistband with his forefinger. “Take those down, and then off, too.”

Lily’s face heated. She glanced shyly up at his face and saw that he wasn’t kidding. He wanted her bare for this spanking, like the first, although that time it had almost seemed like she’d wound up that way by accident. To take her own panties down, and then completely off, for the sole purpose of getting her butt paddled was one of the hardest things for her to do. And, she figured, Kip knew that. If he broke her down little by little like this during the spanking, he probably figured getting her to break down and talk to him afterwards would be a breeze.

Boy, was he wrong, Lily thought determinedly.

With a glare, Lily hooked her thumbs into the front of her panties and then smoothly lowered them over her bare hips. When they fell to bracket her ankles, she stepped out of them and threw them to the side of the room along with her pants.

Bare to his gaze from the waist down she faced him boldly, never once looking away. As if she dared him to bend her over his knee and spank her.

And maybe, a tiny voice in the back of her mind spoke up, that was exactly what she was doing.

Apparently Kip was up for that challenge, though, because he wasted no time in doing precisely that. Gently, but firmly, he positioned her over his lap until her nose nearly touched the carpet and her bare backside jutted up at exactly the perfect angle for his hand. She was just taking a deep breath in preparation for what was coming when the first hard swat caught her off guard, leaving a blazing impression on her left bottom cheek and making her cry out in protest.

“Ah, that hurt!” she exclaimed, glaring over one shoulder.

“It’s not supposed to tickle,” Kip informed her helpfully, then dealt a second spank, of equal intensity, to her right cheek.

Lily hissed, but turned her head back to the floor. A third and a fourth smack sizzled her backside and despite her resolve to take this stoically, she felt herself swaying to try to evade his hand. Which, of course, never worked considering she never knew where he intended to smack her next.

Kip covered every inch of her bottom with his hand, leaving it red and hot and aching. By the time he was finished Lily was very near to tears and he had had to pin her legs again between his own, she was flailing and kicking around so much. Worst of all, Lily knew he still had the wooden spoon and rubber spatula from her kitchen in his back pocket.

When Kip seemed satisfied that she was sufficiently warmed up, he helped her to stand up. Then to her dismay, he pointed to a corner of the room with a hard frown. “I want you to go over to that corner and stand there for ten minutes. We are by no means finished here, but I want you to think a while on this situation. And if you decide you’re ready to talk to me, then the rest of your spanking will go much better for you.”

Lily scowled at him, her arms folded over her chest. It was a wonder, really, that he didn’t just drag her back over his knee right then and there, she was simply the picture of rebellion. It should have been clear that she wasn’t going to have a change of heart while standing in that corner.

But he didn’t. He simply pointed again to the corner. And when she didn’t move in that direction right away, he turned her body physically in that direction and gave her a little shove and one more crack to her smarting backside until she reluctantly gave in and stomped over to stand between the joined walls, her bare, red backside facing out to the room.


Kip’s pale eyes were warm on her face and his gaze held hers despite how she ached to look away. With just the pad of one thumb, he traced the line of Lily’s upper lip, making it tremble.

Lily felt her body drawn to his, saw herself moving forward till they touched, her belly and chest pressed against him. She stared into his eyes the entire time as she drew closer, unable to look away as he settled his arms around her, then reached up to entwine his fingers in her hair.

It was only as he bent his head over hers that she was able to break her gaze in favor of watching his beautiful, full mouth as it descended in a slow, ethereal eternity down towards her own.

Lily could feel Kip’s breath on her face. She could see the tiny laugh lines that bracketed his lips and eyes. She could see for the first time how truly, impossibly, richly brown his hair was, and how his eyes held flecks of honey gold. Of their own accord, her fingers reached up and wound their way through Kip’s dark hair, and the silken tresses clung to her hands as if they’d been lost children, now found and safe in their mother’s arms.

A sob rose in her chest as his lips claimed hers, a soft cry of longing, sadness and need all jumbled together. The instant the sound escaped her, Lily’s stomach clenched and plummeted, for she was sure Kip would stop when he heard it. And though her emotions were a frayed mess right then, God help her, Lily did not want him to stop.

But Kip surprised her. Instead of stopping, he continued to kiss her – so softly and gently it was a question in her mind if she wasn’t just dreaming all of this. No man, not even her own sweet husband, had ever touched her so carefully, so reverently. She wouldn’t have thought it was possible to be so tenderly kissed.

When he finally did break away from her lips, Lily thought Kip looked as lost and confused as she must herself. But he did cup her face and comfort her even as she noticed the torn, guilty look on his face. “It’s all right, Lily,” he told her quietly, resting his forehead against her own. She noticed he was slightly out of breath and she realized then that it had been hard for him to restrain himself as he had just now while kissing her. “It’s going to be all right. We’re…. We didn’t do anything wrong.” Lily’s eyes fell closed, and she wished with all her heart that she could find a way to believe those words.

“I feel like I just cheated on my husband,” she admitted, wincing as she said the words that were there, burning like a brand, in her heart. Kip sighed and enfolded Lily in his arms. “No, honey,” he told her in a voice so full of emotion and conviction that she could almost allow herself to believe him. “Never that. Never you.” He shook his head as he continued to rock and hold her.

There was something comforting in her position there over this man’s lap. Secure. Safe. Loved. Despite the purpose for her position, she couldn’t deny those feelings.


In her mind, she pictured herself over his strong thighs, saw his wide palm descending on her bare backside, leaving its angry red imprint. His imprint. On her.


This is a story of second chance romance after the loss of a loved one; it contains a theme of domestic discipline. Reviews from members of the community are very much appreciated. :)

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I'm drawn to this place
Like a horse to water
It's a need bedded deep within me
I enjoy watching videos mainly and sometimes read the odd blog but the moan thing is it reassures me this is all ok, it's normal well as normal as any kink can be I suppose
So hi to old friends and hope to make some new ones

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