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As I wait here I play tonight's events over in my mind, I was told to only have one drink and no more, but as I chatted with the girls they went down so easy, I never even noticed how long he was behind me until he took my upper arm and announced that we are leaving, "Say goodbye to your friends little girl we have things to take care of " I could hear the disappointment dripping off of every word. The only words spoken in the car were his direct orders to go to the room and wait for him, oh and no pillow tonight. As I kneel here legs slightly parted, hands resting on my knees palms up, head down, back straight as a rod,I glance with my eyes to the corner at the pillow he got for me to kneel on knowing that I am in for a long night.I feel the cool air on my flesh and notice the steady ache in my knees and wonder how long I have been here. I have never heard him so disappointed and I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I hear his footsteps getting closer, and the door opens, I feel a silk blindfold and all is dark. He speaks to me "tonight you disobeyed me, I want you only to feel tonight, you will learn exactly what happens when you disobey, and I promise you that it will never happen again little girl ". I feel him guide me, and feel the table beneath me as he takes my arm and cuffs my wrists to the table. "I am restraining you so you don't get injured, there is no way you will be able to hold position tonight, and you can make as much noise as you want as well, I know you won't be able to stay silent either ".I feel his disappointment through to my core, and I just then realized that I am silently weeping,as I feel the soaked silk covering my eyes. I am brought back to reality as I hear him gather all he needs, and I soon feel his presence behind me and then he states flatly that he wants me to think about the rules he has given me to ensure my safety and health. I hear a swich,and as the strap meets my flesh, I feel a scorching pain, he continues without a second between for some time, and I hear a gut wrenching scream,did I make that noise, I feel so far away, but we are the only ones here it had to be me.I hear the loud thud as the heavy strap falls to the floor. He speaks to me then "I will give you a minute to settle down, we are just getting started little girl, after tonight I want to be sure you never disobey me again is that clear " I hear a small voice answer yes sir and I know all is well, I am exactly where I need to be and he knows what I need better than I ever could. I want to feel new again, I need this. It is then and there that I realize that he is my heart, the air I breathe, my reason for living. Yes I know I am exactly where I belong. ........

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My husband/master has ordered me to let our spanking tube friends know he is going away on a business trip for a month. He leaves Feb 17th. He wants to invite anyone that would like to make me punish myself, through spanking and/or anal insertions to let me know. I will spank my bottom as hard and with as many strokes as you order, and I do it for real. Message me and I'll give you my yahoo messenger id. I have several impliments, dildos, vibrators, plugs or anything else you may want to make me use. Anyone is welcome male or female, my hubby/master says black men are especially welcome

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I am a very private person,so when i came across SpankingTube it felt like a good place to be,i needed to do nothing unless i wanted to no photos no blogs,just watch videos and read the blogs.Spanking is something that has been in me for as long as i can remember.As the weeks went by i started to get brave and talked to a couple of people then i came across one who could sense the need in me and so my journey began.

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What are you favorites? Just watched a lovely F/F OTK hairbrush spanking complete with a good scolding. Talk and spank is an art and really enhances the experience. It often gets neglected since the spanking is concentrating on the spanking. Just love to see beautiful female bottoms as they get a good red round spanking impression. Whew! I enjoy being the submissive one and experiencing the pain/pleasure of OTK.

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I am interested in anything and everything about how people met their spanking mate. Whether you are a top or a bottom or a switch, you have a story to tell about how you guys got together. Regular party? Munch? BD/SM activity or party? Spanking party? How did it happen for you?

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A lip smacking tale of gratuitous spanking and unrestrained lust - "BELLE GOES TO HICKSVILLE!"

She came in search of adventure - and found it!

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I feel anxious in my tummy. Today is my first speech and swallowing therapy. Speaking has become a bit of a challenge. I find it super difficult to put my thoughts in to words so I pause a lot and make "ermmm" sounds. And sometimes my words come out all mumbly sounding! When I think about everything it can get a bit scary sometimes and yesterday I got upset and I cried. Then my nose ran and a little bit of a bogey dribbled down my face and went in to my mouth! Hehehehe. It wasn't all bad though because right next to my crying spot was the most magnificent Moth. He was my rainbow. I smiled as soon as I saw him. He was so brown and fluffy! I think our hallway may be his new home because he hasn't moved from his spot all night long.

Spanking wise, I haven't done anything really naughty but Alex has been setting me timed challenges. It's like a game but a really, really rubbish one. I get lost in daydreams and get distracted very easily, especially when I am doing chores or studying. So now I have set times to complete my tasks and if I don't complete them in time I get a two minute spanking for each fail. I wasn't thrilled about the idea to start with but it's super fun running in and shouting that I'm done before the time has run out. I did earn a two minute spanking yesterday but I feel sure that today I will be super speedy:) Okay, I am off to speech therapy now! Wish me luck!

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Enigma: a baffling or puzzling problem, situation or person.

Or…a brown stone building that dominated one corner of a city block, with no windows, just a massive wood panel door, and above it the word “Enigma” in letters of brushed steel. Leslie had passed this place many times while en route to one of her favorite book stores just down the street. Aside from the unique door and the name, there was nothing about its exterior to catch the eye. In fact, Leslie never noticed the place until, one afternoon, when she saw two very attractive women going inside. She tried to catch a glimpse of the interior as they opened that huge wooden door, but she saw only darkness.

Intrigued, she decided to ask around. The owner of the book store told her it was a gay bar, which only intrigued her more. At this point, she had yet to meet Bunny, and yet to admit, even to herself, that she was attracted to women. Instead, her innermost desires manifested in the form of extreme curiosity. She became fascinated with the people who went into this club, and found herself walking slowly past, lingering, hoping for a glimpse of someone passing through those doors. She began to accumulate more books from that little shop down the street than she would ever have time to read.

So, when Bunny invited her to go there, she was elated…

Oh, yes, lead the way, Bwana. Big game and high adventure. As she followed Bunny through that massive door, two thoughts arose. One, now she was one of those exotic women walking into this mysterious place. Two, Bunny sure had a nice ass.

She was expecting a gay bar, but actually, it wasn’t that. Rather, it was a fetish club run by a couple of eccentric old men named Mike and Jim. Bunny knew them personally, as it turned out.

“Good evening, Miss Bunny,” the doorman said. “I was told to expect you. Mr. Smith and Mr. Miles would like you to join them upstairs. You should head on up now—the show is about to start.”

“Oh, indeed we will, G. Say hello to my dear friend, Leslie, why don’t you.”

“Hello, I’m G,” the doorman said.

“Glad to meet you, G.” Leslie offered her hand and G pressed it to his lips.

“Such a charming guy,” Bunny said, laughing. “C’mon, Lez, let’s go meet the boys.”

They passed the neon dance floor in a blur. Leslie tried to catch a glimpse of the clientele, but her eyes hardly had time to adjust to the flashing lights before Bunny led her into a dim corridor, then up a narrow stair case to a balcony, where two strikingly handsome gentlemen were seated at a table. When Bunny and Leslie entered from the stairway, the men stood, smiling warmly, and greeted them.

One man had a beard and wore a white linen shirt with a band collar and French cuffs. Bunny introduced him as Mike. Leslie liked him immediately. The other man’s name was Jim. He was dressed in Elizabethan garb, with a doublet, hose, and a rather impressive codpiece.

“Well,” Bunny said to Jim, “I guess you made it out to the Renaissance Festival today.”

“Indeed we did,” he replied. “It was great fun. Why, they even had stocks and a whipping post. The whippings were lame, though. Nothing like the shows we have here. And speaking of that, it’s almost time to begin. Come, ladies, let us be seated.”

Leslie took a seat between Bunny and Mike. Jim poured everyone a glass of chilled white wine from a carafe. Leslie settled into her chair and took her first sip as the lights dimmed.

A voice boomed over the PA: “Ladies and gentlemen…act one of amateur night, will you welcome please, a new couple…Tom and Siri!”

The neon dance floor went dark, and a pair of spotlights illuminated the stage in stark, white light. The music came up: “Bad Girl” by Donna Summer.

“Predictable,” Jim said. “How many times have we heard that song.”

“Too many,” Mike agreed.

Then, the couple entered, each from opposite sides of the stage. Tom had an athletic build, lean and taut, his muscular buttocks accentuated by high-waisted trousers. His partner, Siri, was a pretty blond in a schoolgirl outfit, pleated skirt with knee-high socks and white sneakers.

As the Donna Summer tune wore on, they performed a dance routine, which Leslie couldn’t help but appraise from a professional point of view. Obviously, these two were not trained dancers, but the clean simplicity of their act was enjoyable. They mimed conflict, taking turns to dominate, alternately advancing and retreating, and pausing periodically to strike some suggestive pose. There was a chair at center stage, and Siri would sit, cross and uncross her legs, or stand with one foot in the seat to draw her skirt up to show some pretty thigh.

Mike leaned close to Leslie and said: “What do you think, are they any good?”

“They’re not dancers,” she replied.

“No, but that little blond has nice legs,” Mike said.

“It’s a boring act,” Jim said.

“Oh, don’t be mean, Jim,” Bunny said. “They’re kind of cute.”

“Yeah, I think you’ll come around,” Mike said; “Just wait.”

As if on cue, the Donna Summer tune faded. In the silence, Tom’s voice was clear. He ordered Siri to take her sneakers off, then bend over and place her hands on the seat of the chair. He picked up one of the shoes, lifted Siri’s skirt up and draped his arm around her waist…

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any females in Indianapolis thst eould like to be spanked

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I like to watch the old time movies where people was spanked by headmaster and sea captain and friends.

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I have been in chastity for 2 months with only 1 prostate milking per week to relieve the pressure in my sissy ovaries. After begging for a orgasm once too many times my dom is furious and orders me to report for the full treatment punishment. The first part is a series of enemas and emptying my bladder with the built in catheter in my chastity cage. She doesn't want me losing control during this very strenuous spanking procedure. First her heaviest hairbrush OTK with my panties on. She buys my panties and they are all very sheer or thong style so they do nothing to lessen the impact of her implements! This first series is 5-6 dozen hard smacks "to stimulate your bottom for further treatment." I am then sent to the display corner to contemplate the next segment. After a 10 - 20 minutes I am summoned to her knee again. This time I get the hairbrush again but I must first lower my panties. I get double the number of smacks of the first treatment: 10-12 dozen devastating swats on my bare bottom. I am sent to the display corner and warned, "I am not through with your bottom yet!" 20 mins later I am bent over her spanking horse for an appointment with her paddles. She has selected three of her favorites - a Jokari paddle, a 22"long, 3/8" thick oak fraternity paddle and the dreaded Spencer Paddle.
She informs me that I am to get 6 hard swats with each after which I must choose which implement will complete my paddling of 3 dozen full force smacks. After this last segment I am left sobbing with a throbbing, bruised repentant bottom. But she is not done with me yet. I hear the lid of a jar of vaseline being unscrewed and after my sissy hole is lubed, I feel the tip of her 10" long 3" thick strapon searching for the entrance to my pink hole. "Get ready for a long ride sissy. This is the only way you're allowed to orgasm!"

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I might be a little slow to the game but I've just discovered tumblr. Search something like
"tumblr otk" and off you go. It begs the question is there so much stuff on the internet that we can become desensitized. I don't think so but it's just like here on ST, you just have to search until an
image or vid hits the spot for you. Not like the old days youngsters where just a phrase, rare image
or movie could send your head reeling.

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Sorry I was complaining. Everyone had very good advice. I'm busy with a new job, so not on here quite as frequently. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much!

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So the other night, I got myself into a lot of trouble. DarkMagic was asleep and I had just got off work. So I called him and since he was asleep, he didn't answer. Well I called him over 30times and texted him till I finally texted him using a no no word so I got a big spanking with the paddle and then 10swats with the cord. which let me tell you HURT REALLY REALLY BAD. Then I had to take a bath and 10 swats with the hand on my wet bottom. As soon as I buy a bar of soap I am getting a long mouth soaping. But I know something is working on my language because I read something on facebook that had a no no word in it and I bleeped it out, in my own head! I am so thankful to have him in life and to be helping me become a better person! Thank you so much baby I love you with all my heart.

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I often find myself feelin like a double sided coin... I feel one way n act another.. I let frustration n let downs steer me in the wrong direction..

problem.. I just don't get from my relationship with "Daddy" what I need..

examples... he overlooks real issues ALOT so there is that side of the coin where I need him to "deal" with it but cause he doesn't I get that "Fuck it" attitude

speedin.. not important..

cussin.. not important..

bein spiteful.. not important..

sulkin...not important...

I don't speed a lot but I have gotten a few tickets for it but they r no big deal...

I don't cuss a lot but it don't matter either way if I do or don't...

spiteful = because he overlooks a lot I took all the implements off the wall n put then where he cant find them.. hes not mentioned them once ( in over a month) , not asked about them.. not demanded they be put back..

i also do things that i know he don't want me doin but i do them n its not to get in trouble.. ( cause i wont anyhow) n he wont find out cause i wont tell its done out of spite even tho my actions hurt me n don't effect him anyhow..

sulkin cause i get so damn frustrated n so i withdraw...

can i be a brat? yes.. can i be a bitch? yes.. do i act out ? sometimes

i don't want our relationship to be a game.. its NOT a game to me .. so when he doesn't seem to care about things i feel he should i feel like maybe hes just pretendin.. just actin.. i dunno..

yad think after 6+ yrs hed know me by now.. OR maybe he just don't give a fuck... anyways.. theres my bitchfest for tonight....

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Guess I'm not getting one saves my bottom

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Before I initiate the punishment, I'm going let you spankees know that I'm a no nonsense guy. I will not tolerate rudeness and disrespectful attitudes. I demand punctuality when we schedule our sessions. Lateness WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. If you've an excuse to be late then let me know from early, IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU'RE LYING THEN YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. MY HAND IS VERY SOLID AS A ROCK, YOUR ASS WILL DEFINITELY FEEL ITS FIRM AND SOLID HITS. YOU WILL ADDRESSED ME AS YES SIR, I REPEAT ANY RUDE AND BACK CHAT OR DISOBEDIENCE WILL RESORT TO HARSHER CONSEQUENCES SUCH AS MY THICK LEATHER STRAP & TRUST ME YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL IT.

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Before I initiate the punishment, I'm going let you spankees know that I'm a no nonsense guy. I will not tolerate rudeness and disrespectful attitudes. I demand punctuality when we schedule our sessions. Lateness WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. If you've an excuse to be late then let me know from early, IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU'RE LYING THEN YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. MY HAND IS VERY SOLID AS A ROCK, YOUR ASS WILL DEFINITELY FEEL ITS FIRM AND SOLID HITS. YOU WILL ADDRESSED ME AS YES SIR, I REPEAT ANY RUDE AND BACK CHAT OR DISOBEDIENCE WILL RESORT TO HARSHER CONSEQUENCES SUCH AS MY THICK LEATHER STRAP & TRUST ME YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL IT.

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Is there any women from New Hampshire or Vermont who would be willing to spank me! E-mail me @ ranger114 on

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Is there any women from New Hampshire or Vermont who would be willing to spank me! I really could use some punishment in the form of spanking, strapping, and paddling. If you are interested get a hold of me through @ ranger114